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Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Sunburst

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster di buat dengan detail dan material yang sangat baik. Detail yang di buat menyesuaikan kebutuhan bermain sang artis menjadikan gitar ini memiliki karakter dan playbility yang cukup unik. Neck profile di buat khusus dengan mengkombinasikan soft V pada fret pertama hingga C shape pada fret 12. Serta beberapa fitur menarik terdapat pada gitar ini, tentunya tone yang di hasilkan juga menarik dan berkarakter.
Special features of the Eric Johnson Artist Series Stratocaster Guitar:

• One piece quarter sawn hard rock maple neck with a 12 radius fingerboard, highly polished medium width frets, and a real bone nut.
• Special staggered vintage style keys, and deepened headstock face, allow for increased string tension over the nut This eliminates the need for a string tree - reducing the string drag at the headstock to improve the tremolo accuracy 
• The back shape of the neck goes from a soft "V' at the 1st fret to a large "C' beneath the 12th fret with classic '50s style blended volutes at the head and heel The edges of the neck are softly rolled to feel "played-in".
• The body is made from two pieces of special weight selected alder and features deep body contouring that matches one of Eric's favorite instruments.
• The neck and body are finished in a premium, "thin-skin" nitrocellulose lacquer finish.  Developed in Fender's Custom Shop for its Time Machine Series instruments, this finish allovws the wood to resonate more naturally.  
• The string access holes in the tremolo block are preCisely drilled to a shallower depth to help meet the artıst's tonal requirements.  
• Each pickup is unique in structure and performance The neck pickup is based on the '54 Strat®️pickup with oversize Alnico 3 magnets. The middle pickup, based on a 63 Strat pickup, uses specially treated Alnico magnets and is wound for hum cancellation when used with the neck or bridge pickup. The bridge pickup uses Alnico 5 magnets and is specially voiced to be hotter without sacrificing sparkle.
• The wiring features a 5 way switch, a master volume control, and separate tonecontrols for the neck and bridge pickups (no tone control for the mid pickup)
• Per the artist's request we have not mounted the tremolo cover plate on the back of the guitar, nor is it included with the instrument. Although Fender has always mounted the cover plate, considering its removal only necessary for adjustment of the tremolo springs, it is not uncommon for guitarists to remove it from their guitars. If you find that you would prefer to have a tremolo cover plate installed on your instrument, we suggest that you contact your Authorized Fender Service Center. They will be glad to assist you in procuring the necessary parts and are qualified to install it properly.
• Good condition, Include original hardcase

Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Sunburst